“Brand with a Purpose”

Acentriq® is a sustainable clothing brand which aims to make an impact on the community and environment. Priding ourselves on our sustainability and our focus on ethics we aim to affect positive change in the world around us.

Our Story.

Interested in the fashion industry from a young age, Wazeer and Shakeef (founders) had always dreamed of starting a clothing brand someday. Recognizing the ever increasing impact of climate change, and recognizing the reluctance of larger brands to move into sustainable fashion, Wazeer and Shakeef decided to do it themselves. From there they built Acentriq®, a clothing brand focused on sustainability, and making a positive impact on society. 

Looking at the current fashion they saw a few problems. Firstly, companies were switching to fast fashion practices. Producing an ever increasing number of clothes for faster and faster consumption. This is the main reason behind the enormous increase in fashion waste over the past few decades. Combined with the production of more low-quality products and artificially fast trend cycles, consumers are being forced to continually buy clothes. Frustrated with the situation of clothing, at 20 years old Wazeer and Shakeef decided to tackle this problem themselves.


Our mission is to design trendless clothes that are always fashionable, while minimizing our carbon footprint and negative impact on the environment. Through this we hope to effect positive change for people, communities, and environments all across the world. 


When people shop at Acentriq® we hope that they understand how buying our products helps communities around the world, and raise awareness to the issues that affect all of us. 


While some bigger companies are now switching to more sustainable fashion, they often struggle to change their production methods to match the most environmentally friendly practices. Well-established supply chains, and cost to profit calculations often are obstacles to changing the industry that many companies decide not to tackle. Since we are starting from scratch, we are able to customize our production methods so that we include the most environmentally friendly practices in our production and sale methods. Our relatively small size allows us to easily adapt to the latest practices, ensuring the smallest negative environmental impact possible. 

We also only contracts with manufacturers that can guarantee living wages, and good working conditions for the people that make our products. The last decade has shown us that many companies often ignore worker abuse in exploitation, and we will not stand for that. By only working with these manufacturers we hope to help the people and communities who are producing our high-quality clothes. 

We does not leverage the predatory practices that other brands do by producing lower quality clothing that deteriorates and falls out of fashion quickly. We designs clothes meant to last a long time and have a timeless fit.

For more information follow our instagram @acentriq and visit our environmental sustainability page.