Our People. Our Planet Initiative

The fashion industry has long been plagued by unsavory environmental practices and poor treatment of its workers. Acentriq® pledges not to be a part of this problem, and we have started an Our People Our Planet Initiative. Here is why it matters.

Our People Initiative.

Overseas clothing manufacturers are known to overwork and abuse their workers. This is especially rampant in the fashion industry. 

• The fast fashion industry employs around 75 million factory workers, however less than 2% make a living wage.
• Many workers are exposed to around 8,000 synthetic chemicals; some of which have been shown to cause cancer.
• Apart from working up to 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, workers are regularly the target of verbal and physical abuse.
• Child labour is also particularly common in this industry, as this low-skilled labour allows children to work at young ages; exposing them to horrible conditions.

To combat this we work with manufacturers that engage in fair labor practices, including humane working conditions, and a living wage. We aim to set the industry standard by guaranteeing a good work environment for everyone involved in the manufacture of Acentriq® products.

Our Planet Initiative.

Global environments are struggling, and the fashion industry plays a major part in that. Current production and sale practices have put our planet under undue stress and we plan to change that. Here’s why…

• Approximately 20% of the wastewater worldwide is attributed to fashion production.
• 85% of all discarded clothing ends up in landfills and can cause significant public health and environmental dangers to the people who live nearby.
• The fashion industry is responsible for 8% of worlds global carbon emissions.
• 35% of all ocean microplastics can be attributed to clothing.

Design for Minimal Waste.

By creating and applying design strategies, including zero-waste pattern techniques, we use our materials as efficiently as possible. Combined with our pre-order system and use of computer generated mockups, we are able to minimize Acentriq®’s waste contribution.

Acentriq® does not engage in unsavory marketing practices that make seem clothes seem outdated, and always produces high-quality clothes that durable, aesthetic, and comfortable.

Design for Durability.

Acentriq® uses high-quality material, finishings, and construction to ensure that our products can be worn comfortably for a long time. Acentriq® products are designed to have timeless fits.

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Design for Cyclability.

Acentriq® aims to disrupt the current linear fashion waste system and establish a circular fashion system. In order to minimize waste we are going to establish a proactive system that emphasizes repairing, reusing, and recycling. In order to prevent clothes from entering landfills Acentriq® will soon accept their products in exchange for store credit. These products will then be repaired, resold, or recycled, so that we can establish a circular fashion system that will greatly reduce waste from clothes; decreasing the strain on our landfills and preventing harmful chemicals from being released in the air.


Acentriq® pledges to continue working towards implementing solutions to reduce the environmental impact of fashion, and improve the conditions of workers working in the fashion industry.